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Children's Mental Health Week 2017

  CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH WEEK 2017 Children's Mental Health Week is Taking Place May 1-7, 2017. Ma...

Integrated Clinical Services

Generally, following families’ receipt of our Brief service there may be a determination between the family and the Brief Worker that the family could benefit from further service at Blue Hills.

The Integrated Clinical Service strives to deliver a more comprehensive and integrative level of clinical service and utilizes clinical frameworks informed by the theories and concepts embedded in our Integrated Framework.  A strong emphasis is placed on providing comprehensive, intentional and integrated clinical interventions where clinical case management and service coordination are key service components. Clinicians will support families by helping coordinate and respond therapeutically to the families’ identified clinical needs. Parents will be linked to other agencies for specific services if their needs can not be fully met at Blue Hills.

How we help?

  • Continue with the goals set during the Brief Service
  • Encourage communication of conflicts and insight into problems, with the goal being relief of symptoms, changes in behaviour leading to improved social and vocational functioning, and personality growth.
  • Seek to establish a central relationship of trust in which the family can feel free to express personal thoughts and emotions and thus gain insight and generally share in the healing power of words.
  • Access other services within Blue Hills and in the community in order to provide the family a broader treatment plan.

The Integrated Clinical Service is a core integrated service delivery focused on case coordination, case management and intensive family work offered to meet the needs of children, youth and their families at Blue Hills, in the community or in the family home as needed or clinically advised. These are often in partnership with internal services and other service providers in York Region.

Counselling services are offered to children, youth and families with a wide range of emotional and behavioural concerns. For the first few sessions, integration of the work done during the Brief service process occurs in partnership with children, youth and families. This further assessment process examines the strengths and needs of the family at that time, the children or youth, and results in agreed upon further treatment goals for counselling. The length of time that a child/youth/family participates in counselling depends on the plan resulting from the assessment, and the goals are reviewed regularly. Throughout the treatment process, work is collaborative with the family and with any other service providers that may be involved. 

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