Family fun and festive treats highlight of event

Kids, staff and parents had a blast at Blue Hills’ Family Fun Event on September 16.

Under beautiful blue skies and soaring temperatures, the Aurora Campus was turned into a fun and fabulous party filled with cupcakes, cotton candy, balloon sculptures and the laughter of children and families playing together.

“Everyone here is so happy…I love how everyone is so happy….that makes me happy,” said one little client.

Organized by Blue Hills’ Family Engagement Committee, which is comprised of both staff and parent volunteers, the event gave more than 66 children and their families a chance to be at Blue Hills to enjoy the beautiful grounds, the day and most importantly, family time outside of treatment plans and appointments.

Feedback from parents was consistently positive.

“This is what I was wanting, my child to be a part of something fun with other kids,” one of the parents observed.  

Blue Hills’ staff -- and their families – also enjoyed the event. They offered homemade cupcakes to decorate, they grilled burgers and hot dogs, ran the games, and throughout the day, the husband of one staff member turned out balloon dogs, hats, swords and octopuses.

“I believe each and every person who gave of their time, who joined in the fun, who came to be entertained, who arranged the entertainment, who ate great food or served the great food, felt that they mattered for what they contributed, and what they could do,” said Steffanie Pelleboer, director of programs and services.




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