Family fun and festive treats highlight of event

Kids, staff and parents had a blast at Blue Hills’ Family Fun Event on September 16. Under beautiful...


Interim Executive Director Announcement


Children's Mental Health Week 2017

  CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH WEEK 2017 Children's Mental Health Week is Taking Place May 1-7, 2017. Ma...

Separation and Divorce Resoruces

Family Matters

Justice Harvey Brownstone videos on separation

Families Change, Justice Education Society of B.C.

An educational Web site that includes a Kids Guide to Separation and Divorce, A Guide for Grown-ups, A Teen Guide to Parental Separation and Divorce

Kids Turn

Contains resources for children about separation and divorce, including activities and book lists. The website has a short video children and separation where children talk about their experience of their parent’s separation.

Children: The Experts on Divorce

Elizabeth Hickey's wonderful video where kids are interviewed and talking about their parent’s separation or divorce. The kids talk about what parents did that was helpful and what they need from their parents.  The kids also talk about what they worry about and how parents can help them.

Kids B.C. ~ Changville

Interactive website for kids.

Chat First

Information for kids and teens about coping with separation and divorce and legal issues.

Ministry of the Attorney General

Family Law Page

Ontario Child Support Calculator

Support Calculator

Ontario Association for Family Mediation

Resources and Information on Family Mediation in Ontario

Association of Family Conciliatory Courts

Interdisciplinary Family Law Professionals

Divorce Magazine

Separation & Divorce Resources Site
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