Family fun and festive treats highlight of event

Kids, staff and parents had a blast at Blue Hills’ Family Fun Event on September 16. Under beautiful...


Interim Executive Director Announcement


Children's Mental Health Week 2017

  CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH WEEK 2017 Children's Mental Health Week is Taking Place May 1-7, 2017. Ma...

Centralized Children's Respite Services (YRCCRS)

Hosted at Blue Hills in partnership with Kinark Child and Family Services for referrals only from children’s mental health agencies in York.

Respite CareBlue Hills hosts this centralized and coordinated respite service that provides temporary relief for overwhelmed families or caregivers who are supporting children/youth with complex mental health needs.

This service is designed to offer relief to the family/caregiver who is temporarily overwhelmed with caring for a child/youth with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, in order to preserve and support the existing home placement. Respite Care is a planned therapeutic support service and is not intended to respond to crisis, emergency or child protection situations.

Respite services help to keep families intact and prevent more intrusive, costly, long-term, out-of-home placements. Within the program, there are a wide range of flexible respite options: in-home relief, weekly outings, and short term out-of-home placements for children of families during critical moments of stress. Any agency currently providing children’s mental health services is eligible to refer to this service.

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